Use Vidalista to Get Rid Of Impotence, Performance Anxiety

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The surge in the rise of incidences of erectile dysfunction in people belonging to the younger generation has to lead to various theories, coining of sentences, conduction of studies etc. The phrase “it’s all in your head” is not to demean anyone, it is only to say that certain mental disturbances or behavior can lead to erectile dysfunction or impotence. There is a well-established connection between ED and depression, there is also a well-established connection between ED and performance anxiety, both these issues originate from the mind. It is not that their ED is not true, it is as true as anybody else’s, it is just that treatment of these two disorders can have a positive impact on ED.

Intimacy is an emotion, sex is a way to reach to that emotion or make it come true. It is an enjoyable act but not so when you are suffering from performance anxiety. In that situation, you are in a constant worry whether you can perform up to expectations (which you have set) or whether you are measured up under your pants. Porn consumption is mostly deemed responsible for taking people in a utopian world and setting higher goals without considering their own strengths and the compliance of their partners, invariably they fall short on their targets and the vicious feeling of underperformance creeps in.

It is important that you learn how to control such negative feelings and learn why it is happening to you in order to get the spark back to life. Along with these measures, you can also add to your life a drug that is known worldwide for its impeccable management of ED, known as Vidalista. This is a powerful therapy that allows a man to get a massive erection that is available for a longer duration so that you can fulfill all your desires and make the most of your time together. Vidalista contains a very faster and longer acting drug called Tadalafil as its generic, it also approved by FDA for this indication.

Tadalafil is a dug that belongs to the category of specific PDE-5 inhibitors. This drug acts by inhibiting the PDE-5 enzyme whose primary function is degradation of cGMP, which is an important chemical for erection. This chemical promotes erection by dilation and relaxation of blood vessels in the Corpus Callosum of the male genital thereby encouraging the blood flow leads to a tougher erection.

Vidalista can be obtained from our web portal at 20, 40 and 60mg of the dose range. The most recommended initial dose is 20mg which can be increased to higher doses in case more response is required. Take one Vidalista about 30 minutes ahead of making love. The drug remains in the body for about 36 hours and you are required to maintain a gap of 3 days between two doses.

A few adverse effects that may come as a byproduct of this therapy are dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, indigestion, headache, redness of the face, back pain, muscle pain and mild fever.

Safety measures to be exercised:

• Abstinence from alcohol and grapefruit juice is advised, while you are on this therapy as they interfere with the functioning of this medication
• It is required to keep a gap of 14 days between Vidalista and any other Nitrate drugs, there is a risk of blood pressure declining to dangerous levels
• Do not take Vidalista if you are hyper-responsive to any of the PDE-5 inhibitors
• Take caution with the use of high fatty food and grapefruit juices while using Vidalista else, this may result in low absorption of the drug

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