Use Vagifem to Get Rid Of Menopausal Complications

Use Vagifem to Get Rid Of Menopausal Complications

Menopause is a natural state of woman and not a disease or a medical condition; it refers to the time period after which a woman ceases to menstruate or stops being fertile. The problem arises or the need of a medication arises because Menopause is not well tolerated in many women at the commencement of it and leads to some drastic changes that may trigger symptoms which are intense in nature and can disturb the well being of a woman. A peculiar characteristic of these symptoms is that they can occur years before Menopause begins. The reason for these symptoms is a reduction in Estrogen hormone level in the body.

A few important symptoms that can affect a woman considerably are hot flashes, night sweats, mood fluctuations, and cognitive changes. First noticeable symptoms of menopause are the fluctuation in menses, in some cases it may recur within 2 to 3 weeks while others might not menstruate for months at a time, moreover During Perimenopausal stage (the 3-to-5-year period before menopause.) the Estrogen levels in the woman will drop to a great extent and this can lead to infertility. Itching, dryness, and discomfort in female genital also start during the same phase, as a result of which some women may feel severe pain while having sex. To treat all this there is a need for medication that can effectively elevate the Estrogen levels in the body so that these symptoms can be minimized and subsided.

Vagifem is one such product that helps a woman get rid of menopausal symptoms. This medicine is also used widely for the prevention of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women and as estrogen replacement therapy when ovaries fail to function. Women also use this medication to fulfill the deficiency of natural estrogen in the body and to prevent bone fracture.

Estradiol is the chief therapeutic ingredient available in Vagifem. Estradiol is a female hormone that acts by coupling with estrogen receptors and activates and deactivates the transcription in the nucleus. The drug enhances the effects of thyroid-binding globulin (TBG) and other serum proteins, sexual hormone binding globulin thereby blocking the action of follicular stimulating hormone (FSH) function.

Vagifem is commercially obtainable in 10 mcg and 25 mcg at our online drugstore. In the first two weeks of the therapy, a woman needs to insert one Vagifem on daily, which should be increased to two pills twice weekly. The mode of administration of this medication is via insertion, you need to place Vagifem inside your vagina with a predisposed, convenient and single-use applicator that is provided in the pack and is made of smooth plastic.

A few commonly occurring side effects that can follow this therapy and provide an inconvenience to a few users are headache, cramping of stomach or abdomen, spotting of blood, bloating, nausea and vomiting.

A few notable precautionary measures:

• You are required to seek immediate medical attention if there is any uncontrolled severe bleeding after the use of this therapy.
• This product is not meant to be used by women who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant as it may harm the unborn baby.
• Do not take this medication along with smoke or booze because that may adversely affect the therapy, this drug is also not to be used by people who are suffering from obesity.

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