RU486 Pill Helps You Make It Possible For a Secure Abortion

RU486 Pill Helps You Make It Possible For a Secure Abortion

It is up to you to choose what is needed and what is not when it comes to affecting your life, but women are not still given this right in many parts of the world. Pregnancy is one such critical concern in which a woman is unable to decide whether she is ready for a pregnancy or not. Whether, she is psychological, physical, or economically strong or not, in order to have a pregnancy. Thus, in such cases, when she is not ready for a gestation, she can easily terminate it and remove it from the body without letting anyone know in a secure manner by using the RU486 pill. A woman may not be physically or economically strong or have some medical issues but her family is not supporting or due to any other reason if pregnancy is unwanted then ending it by using RU486 pill is the best option to choose.

What is RU486 pill?

RU486 pill belongs to abortion pill category that is used worldwide for ending an early gestation of up to 7 weeks or 49 days and removing it from the body in a safe, secure, and successful manner. The RU486 pill helps to end the unwanted pregnancy in a private manner without letting anyone know safely and successfully.

How does RU486 pill work?

RU486 pill contains generic Mifepristone, which is a progesterone inhibitor moiety. Thus, RU486 pill blocks the functioning of progesterone hormone that causes shedding of the endometrium and the detachment of growing embryo. This ends the gestation and stops the further growth with the elimination of abortion contents once the pills cause abdominal cramps and softening of the cervix for an easy removal in the form of vaginal bleeding.

What is the dosing schedule of RU486 pill?

RU486 pill encloses three pills of Mifepristone moiety and each pill is of 200mg strength. Thus, the dosing regimen involves oral consumption of all these 3pills in a single administration using only water and without having the food. Then, you need to visit the physician after two days of pill intake for medical examination in order to confirm the complete abortion. If anyhow, the abortion is incomplete then two pills of Misoprostol moiety (each of 200mcg strength) is advised to be taken either orally or as vaginally followed with checkup again after two days.

Women taking RU486 pill for safe and secure abortion may observe some undesirable responses of diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, headache, back pain, heavy vaginal bleeding, strong abdominal pain, tiredness, or dizziness. Thus, RU486 pill should not be taken under following conditions-

  • Women with ectopic pregnancy, girls below 18years of age and nursing mothers should not take RU486 pill.
  • Women using IUD (Intrauterine device) should remove the device before using the RU486
  • You should not use RU486 pill if you have allergic responses to any constituent of RU486 pill.
  • It is contrary to take RU486 pill if you have any health issue of asthma, migraine, epilepsy, heart, kidney, liver, or bleeding disorder.


Moreover, the following precautions must be taken care while using RU486 pill for abortion-

  • A sensual intimate relationship should not be made until the bleeding is stopped after abortion because of the risk of undesired pregnancy and infections.
  • Take proper rest, have a healthy and nutritious diet so that you can have a fast
  • In order to avoid pelvic pain after abortion, you should stay away from indulging in any laborious task.


Thus, let you and your body decides in a secure manner, whether to keep the gestation or not. Buy RU486 pill online in US, UK at best available rates from our drugstore and get your product securely delivered to your given shipping address.