RU486 Is a Secure Solution for Women with Unintended Pregnancy

RU486 Is a Secure Solution for Women with Unintended Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a blissful experience of the women’s lives, but getting unintentionally pregnant at a young age is a most terrorizing and traumatic situation for them. Lack of proper sex education is a major cause for young women or teenage girls to face unintentional pregnancy. Teenage girls are also pressurized from their peers to live in relationship with males because they believe that it is the best way to appear cool and mature. Today, in the era of social media, young women or girls are highly espoused to obscene contents. They see their favorite actors are making romance, so they involve themselves in unprotected intimacy giving way to unintended pregnancy. A teenage girl deprived of love and support from her parents, the family will look for pleasure, and happiness from her male partner and this makes her more vulnerable to unintended pregnancy. Regrettably, some teenage girls are extremely exposed to sensual violence or abuse at home that is a major risk of unintended pregnancy in them. The effects of unintended pregnancy at a young age are adverse, as it influences the physical, emotional, or economic well-being of women.

RU486 is a safest and effective medical abortion pill extensively employed in the protected conclusion of an early pregnancy of fewer than 7 weeks of gestation. This medical abortion pill assists a woman to execute an abortion by herself at her home and induce an abortion just like a natural miscarriage. Mifepristone is a main therapeutic moiety of RU486.

As an antiprogestin, Mifepristone impairs the functioning of progesterone hormone that further impairs the growth of a fetus. The diminution of body’s progesterone level leads to the peeling of uterine wall that excludes a fetus from the uterus due to the removal of the placenta from there. Mifepristone also causes the relaxation and widening of the cervix and induces a forceful contraction of the endometrial that result in the eviction of an expired fetus out of the mother’s womb.

A single pack of RU486 encloses 3 pills of Mifepristone (each of 200mg) and follow this dosing plan for successful execution of an abortion. At first, gulp down 3 pills of Mifepristone orally as a solo dose early in the morning, with plenty amount of water. Then, after 2 days, confirm an abortion by making a clinical visit. If pregnancy is not completely concluded, then administer 2 pills of Misoprostol via the oral or vaginal route. Again, after 2 days, confirm an abortion by making a clinical visit.

Not all women, but some of them may face a few annoying effects while carrying out an abortion with RU486 such as stomach distress, nausea, abdomen ache, pelvic pain, apprehension, belching, exhaustion, and prolonged vaginal bleeding

Be Attentive!

A woman should circumvent the ingestion of alcohol, grapefruits or its juices during execution of an abortion with RU486. A woman should not utilize RU486 to carry out an abortion of pregnancy of more than 7 weeks of gestation or an ectopic pregnancy. A woman should keep herself away from intercourse session with her partner for a few weeks after an abortion. A woman should devour healthy diets during or after the conclusion of an abortion so that she can get well faster from the losses happened in her body.

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