RU486 for Complication Free Abortion at the Confidentiality of Your Home

RU486 for Complication Free Abortion at the Confidentiality of Your Home

Even today; People are uninformed about the facts and specifics of the abortion process. Most people only know about the surgical abortion option. For the previous, you have to take an appointment with legitimate abortionist or medical practitioner. Yet, there are scenarios when you have to keep the news of pregnancy shush. Furthermore, women who have to undergo abortion feel nervous to undergo surgery. In such and other similar circumstances, abortion pills are utilized. As they offer utterly safe and surgery free abortion option. They are useful when you have to keep the news of pregnancy a secret. The RU486 is one credible medication. RU486 helps you to terminate the unwanted pregnancy without undergoing surgery. It is utilized exclusively to terminate the gestation that has not exceeded the 7-9 weeks stage. With the manner of this write-up, you can learn about it’s working, use and important precautionary measures that you must follow while undergoing an abortion.

The Therapeutic working of Action of RU486:

The RU486 has the main generic salt Mifepristone. It is the prime dynamic moiety responsible to induce abortion. The mifepristone works against the human pregnancy hormone progesterone. The Mifepristone stops its action and thus results in the termination of pregnancy by inducing the menstrual cycle in the females. When the pregnancy termination remains incomplete even after the consumption of the Mifepristone; the secondary abortion pill – Misoprostol is taken. It is a prostaglandin analog that helps in the complete pregnancy termination. The Misoprostol helps in producing the contraction and softening of the cervix to ease out the process of expulsion of the fetus. Ultimately complete termination of the pregnancy occurs.

RU486 – Mode of Administration and Prescribed dosage:

The RU486 is an orally consumed medication. It has three pills of Mifepristone. Each pill is of strength 200mg. It offers a non-surgical way of abortion. The medication is safe and reliable to consume to conclude the pregnancy in a confidential manner. You can have it on empty stomach with sufficient amount of water. Listed below are the steps, to begin the abortion process –

  • One the first day you have to consume 3 tablets of Mifepristone – As a Single Dose.
  • After maintaining a strategic gap of 2 days – It is important to visit your nearest doctor or your gynecologist for the verification of pregnancy termination. It is done by carrying out an ultrasound
  • If the pregnancy in complete – 2 tablets of Misoprostol should be consumed. Each pill of strength 200mcg. It is consumed as a single dose again; to complete terminate the undesirable gestation.


Side Effects of RU486:

The RU486 is an advance abortion pill. It should be consumed as prescribed or else you may have to face some unwanted side effects which may include headache, body pain, vaginal inflammation, irritation and heavy vaginal flow. It is important to consult with your doctor in case any of these side effects do not fade away.

Note underlined Precautionary Measures:

  • RU486 should not be utilized if you are allergic to generic Mifepristone
  • If your pregnancy exceeds 6-9 weeks then do not consume RU486 for the abortions
  • Make sure to consume the healthy and nutritious diet after the abortion process is complete. Your diet should be iron-rich so that you recover the lost blood easily.
  • RU486 is not for the women who have an ectopic
  • It is important to remove any intra-uterine devices if present.
  • Do not perform any strenuous activities after abortion.
  • Abide from the engaging in the intimacy unless the abortion process is complete.


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