Resolve Your Fertility Troubles By Using HCG Pregnyl 5000IU

hcg pregnyl 5000iu

Infertility is a medical condition characterized by the failure conceives a pregnancy after 12 months of regular, unguarded sensual intercourse sessions or due to an impairment of a person’s ability to reproduce either as a person or with his or her sensual partner. There are numerous physical factors, lifestyle choices and environmental causes responsible for causing infertility in women including diabetes, hyper or hypothyroidism, lupus, arthritis, hypertension, severe asthmatic condition, obesity, hormonal imbalances, multiple miscarriages, endometriosis, and certain environmental factors including cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and exposure to workplace hazards or toxins. There are several risk factors associated with the occurrence of infertility in men including undescended testicles, a previous record of prostatis or genital infection, hernia repair, mumps after puberty, and environmental factors exposure to toxic substances or hazards, too much alcohol intake, excessive cigarette smoking, etc. Whatsoever is the cause of your fertility trouble, it is important for you to manage your fertility issues on time, or else you may face severe loss in your life. The treatment of infertility is a traumatic event, but it is not impossible, as there is a solution in form HCG Pregnyl 10000IU injection that helps to manage infertility in both men and women.

Today, a large number of people had easily overcome their fertility troubles by using HCG Pregnyl 5000IU within a short duration of time. Pregnyl 5000IU is an extraordinary anti-infertility medication utilized in the management of fertility troubles in both men and women. This medicine assists a woman to conceive a child by treating the troubles allied with ovulatory cycles. Pregnyl 5000IU also assists a man to become fertile by treating his hypogonadism condition. Pregnyl 5000IU comprises of a generic drug called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG).

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) works amazingly by augmenting the release of Gonadotropin in both males and females. In women, HCG works in a similar manner to Luteinizing hormone and encourages the corpus luteum of the ovary to create progesterone hormone that assists in the maintenance of pregnancy. In men, it shows its remedial effect by invigorating the interstitial cells of the male genital and augments the creation of androgens. This causes the enhancement in the creation of testosterone hormone, which is responsible for increasing the sensual characteristics in men and boosts sperm counts concurrently.

HCG Pregnyl 5000IU is commercially obtainable in an injectable dosage form. For dealing with infertility in women, inject a solo dose of 5000-10,000IU of Pregnyl via SC or IM one day following the last day of menotropins. For dealing with hypogonadism in male, inject a dose of 4000IU of Pregnyl via the SC or IM thrice a week for 6 to 9 months followed by the administration of 2000IU of Pregnyl via the SC or IM thrice a week for an extra 3 months.

Not all, but some users of HCG Pregnyl 5000IU injection may encounter some common side effects such as headache, bad mood, overtiredness, edema, gynecomastia, anxiety, and pain or swelling at the site of injection.

Expert Advice:

  • Inject Pregnyl 5000IU injection always assisting disinfected needles and syringes to evade the risk of infections.
  • Breastfeeding woman needs to take doctor advice before utilizing Pregnyl injection.
  • The utilization of Pregnyl 5000IU injection may increase the risk of multiple pregnancies, so consult a doctor before using this medicine.

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