Not Willing To Get Pregnant Then Use RU486 For Abortion

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You were 30 and have a 3 year of a daughter. Now you want to marry with the fellow you love. You had decided to indulge in physical relation with your partner freely without using a condom or other things. Therefore, you were taking a birth control pill regularly. It was going well, but after few months you found that your period was missed, you thought that it might happen because of medication and other pills. To clear your doubt you did a pregnancy test, yeah the test was positive you were discovered that you were pregnant. After a discussing it over with your husband, made a mutual decision to abort the pregnancy. You were not in any position economically or emotionally with our relationship to introduce another child into your family. Then you choose the medical method of termination to abort your gestation, in this method RU-486 is commonly used.

RU-486 is successfully used medication for the termination of unwanted pregnancy in a woman. It can be used evacuate the pregnancy of up to 49 days (7 weeks) counted from the last day of menstruation. This medication encloses Mifepristone as the main active ingredient. The use of this medication is very effective and successful and a woman can finish pregnancy without having any surgery.  Mifepristone is a group of medication called as progesterone inhibitor. Progesterone is a natural chemical found in the body answerable for the growth and development of pregnancy as it provides oxygen and supplements to the growing fetus. Mifepristone acts by obstructing the progesterone and for that reason, the fetus is not able to grow the cells become dead and in conclusion eliminates outside from fetus.


The dosing regimen: RU486 encloses three kinds of pills of Mifepristone 200 mg. For the evacuation of unwished pregnancy, a woman is suggested to administer all the three tablets at one time on the first day. Consume the medication orally with the aid of a full glass of water and after two days go to the doctor for a medical checkup about termination. In any case, abortion fails, then the woman has to ingest two tablets of Misoprostol (200mcg) this medication can be used via vaginal route and pursue it with doctor checkup after two to three days.

Common side effects: the use of this medication can show some unwished effects such as fever, pelvic pain, faintness, cramps, muscle pain, vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps, annoyance, body ache, and an inflammation of the vagina, drowsiness, and white discharge from the vagina, painful and delay vaginal bleeding and flushing.           

 Preventive measures while using RU-486:  

  • You must prevent the use of this medication in case of ectopic pregnancy i.e. fetus outside the womb.
  • Do not consume alcohol along with the medication and do not drive or lift heavy objects while using the medication.
  • After a successive abortion you may feel tired thus; take nutritious foods, rest and live in a healthy environment to eliminate anxiety.
  • Prevent the use of this medication if you are suffering from and kidney issue, pelvic agony, serious liver, objective bladder issue, blood disorder or allergic to any component in the medication.

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