Mifeprex Execute Abortion Procedure Comfortably

Mifeprex Execute Abortion Procedure Comfortably

Planned pregnancy comes with enthusiasm and lot of happiness which lead to the birth of a healthy baby; however, if the pregnancy is unplanned it gives stress and if carried out may result in birth defects in a child. Abortion is something a woman wants to hide it from everyone and conclude it in a way that no one could come to know about it. An unplanned pregnancy brings lots of tension and stress in the life of the couples and mostly in the woman is the one who has to face an excess of strain. In some cases, the male partners left their spouse when they came to know about this uninvited gestation. This is also the biggest reason why woman adopts the option of aborting their gestation with the help of abortion pills. A number of women carry out abortion procedure with abortion pills because they could not financially bear the cost of surgical abortion alone as they knew their partner won’t understand their priorities. One of the commonly and widely used abortion pills comes under the brand name of Mifeprex.

Mifeprex abortion pill is the brand marketed product containing Mifepristone as their active ingredient. These aborticides help the woman to conclude her pregnancy that is for the duration of 7 weeks. This method of abortion is cost effective and secure to be used by the woman at home itself without the use of any surgical apparatus.

Mifepristone helps in the conclusion of the pregnancy by blocking the transportation of nutrition towards the fetus resulting in the decreased amount of nutrition to reach the embryo for its growth. Mifepristone is a substitute for an anti-progesterone hormone that hinders the activity of progesterone hormone in supplying nutrition to the fetus.

Dosing instruction with Mifeprex:

A solo packet of Mifeprex packet is to be used a single time to carry out abortion and each pack is filled with three pills containing Mifepristone (200 mg strength). The woman needs to consume three pills orally with plenty of water. After the completing 48 hours of intake, she needs to visit the nearby hospital for confirming their abortion. If you are still pregnant than consume two pills containing Misoprostol (each 200 mcg) via the oral or sublingual route. Again get your abortion confirmed after visiting a nearby hospital.

Attentive tips:

  • Intake of alcohol or any other beverages should be ceased
  • Use of these pills should be ceased in case of allergic towards any of the component.
  • Take out IUD device before using this medicine.
  • Ectopic pregnancy should not be concluded with the use of this medicine.
  • The pregnancy above the duration of 7 weeks may result in dangerous effects to the mother.
  • A woman during her lactation period should not make use of this medicine.


Side issues with the use of Mifeprex:

Following are some of the side issues that a woman may come across while using this medicine and some of them could be counted as:

  • Dizziness and drowsiness
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Heavy vaginal bleeding
  • Irregular menstrual periods
  • Blurred vision
  • Pelvic pain
  • Loss of libido


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