If You Are Not Ready To Be a Mother Then Do Abortion via MTP Kit

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Teens that get pregnant unintentionally choose abortion for some reasons as women in their twenties and thirties do. Do they come to this decision after questioning some questions from themselves like: “Do I really want this baby? Can I be able to raise this baby? Is it changing my complete life? What will happen when my family knows about it? Am I ready to be a single mother?

The answer comes “no” and she is sure about it. She wants to be a mother but before that, she wants to complete her education– then career– then a job– and then marriage– so baby comes last.  A teen deciding for abortion is influenced by the place where she lives, her family members and the behavior of the peer group. Her education and her status in the society also play an important role in coming to this decision. She starts thinking that her peer members will make her fun if they know about her pregnancy. She needs to leave her education for the continuation of pregnancy and she will not be able to pursue her dreams. At the time of falling in love or because of the overflow of emotions, teens get intimate without having complete knowledge about it. Then they become pregnant “unintentionally”.

Pregnancy is good when a woman is ready to be a mother; otherwise, it is better to end it as soon as possible. The right way for early abortion is MTP Kit.

MTP Kit is used for bringing out abortion in women who are not ready to accept the parenthood of 9 weeks. Looking at the current situation many women become fearful of going for abortion at the hospital or purchasing medicine from the store, so these women can do their abortion at home by ordering it from our online drugstore. She can do it alone without the help of anyone as it maintains the privacy of pregnancy news. There are two generic medicines present in MTP Kit that are Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

The main work of Mifepristone is to stop the action of progesterone hormone that plays an important role in delivering the essential components to the fetus and in turn keeping the baby alive. Because of its inhibition, fetus got died. The minimum level of body’s progesterone makes the uterine wall to break. The second medicine Misoprostol starts by making dilation and tightening of the endometrial wall so that dead fetus go out from the woman’s body.

For medical abortion via MTP Kit, a woman firstly ingests one Mifepristone pill (200mg) through the oral route, without food, with a profusion of water. At 3rd day, she needs to insert 4 Misoprostol pills (200mg) each via vaginally or orally. At 14th day, she needs to go for ultrasound test for abortion surety.

MTP Kit may be responsible for causing some side effects like a headache, light-headedness, heavy vaginal blood loss, clumsiness, abdominal cramps, and uneasiness in vaginal part, illness, and pelvic pain. Therefore a woman needs to follow some cautionary measures while being on MTP Kit like she needs to completely avoid the intake of alcohol as it may make the side effects worsen. She needs to be on complete rest and on a healthy diet as after abortion it is important to recover the losses happened in the body.

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