Abortion is a way of thwarting your unwished pregnancy painlessly and safely of time period below 7 weeks. There are times when your pregnancy is a threat to your future as well as you. Women always choose to be pregnant, when she is ready for the gestation. When she is mentally prepared and physical prepared then along with her husband she decides for pregnancy. But everything cannot happen according to your wish. Some time with your mistakes, chances of conception are there. You will come to know about it when you observe some signs or you miss your periods. Bearing a baby is the happiest feeling when you wish for it but on the reverse, it is the unhappiest feeling when you do not want a baby for some time. Women are feared of undesired pregnancy as they fall in the dilemma. Their motherhood says to keep the pregnancy and their mind says not to have a baby yet. There is no hurry, before taking the decision be calm and composed as you are only who has to decide. If you feel it is not the right time for a baby then you can choose Mifeprex for abortion. This medication is the best one for expelling your unwished gestation. You just need to keep track of your pregnancy and have an abortion only if it is below 7 weeks.

Mifeprex is the brand name for Mifepristone pills. Those pills are effective for expelling your pregnancy that is below 7 weeks. This medicine resolves your unwanted pregnancy painlessly and safely. It opposes the progesterone hormone action. Progesterone hormone works in supplying the nutrition towards the fetus for enabling its growth and development. Mifepristone causes the cut in the nutrition towards the fetus thus causing the death of the fetus.

For an abortion process, one should start with three Mifepristone pills each composed of 200 mg with water through an oral route only. There should be kept an interval of two days and go for a check-up to know about your abortion confirmation. If abortion has not yet happened then do take two pills Misoprostol each composed of 200 mcg with water orally or vaginally. Again keep a break of two more days and then have a check-up to verify your abortion step.

Measures that are highly contradictory:

  • Not to take in severe allergic reactions.
  • Not to take in age below 18 years.
  • Not to take in people with porphyria or bleeding disorder.
  • Not to take in people using corticosteroids or anti-coagulants.
  • Not to take in ectopic pregnancy.


Safety Points that should be kept following always:

  • Have healthy diet and juices to gain the strength after an abortion process.
  • Take your IUD’s out prior to an abortion step.
  • If dizziness arrives then prevent work that is hard and difficult.

Some measures such as ill effects seen with this drug are as nausea, heavy vaginal bleeding, muscle pain, belly pain, abdominal cramps, dizziness, drowsiness, and weakness.

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