Failed To Conceive Many Times? Use Pregnyl 10000IU

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Diagnosis of infertility for the couple is the weird thing that can happen to any. The inability to not to produce progeny is none less than a curse. Infertility affects women more than men. Often women are excluded from the society and from the families when they came to know about biological reproduction inability. Also for a woman being unable to enjoy motherhood is the greatest challenge to her femininity. Infertility is the not the case allied to only women but equally, it affects the men too.

Our society sees a woman with an eye of motherhood because only she has the ability to produce the young one and when the couple fails to attain the responsibility to carry parenthood further than the first finger pointed is always on the women. Why is it so? There are almost 33% men who are struggling with this disorder of Infertility either to Erectile Dysfunction, any blockage in the tubules carrying sperms from the testes to the penile organ. Deformed sperm cells, poor virility, lack of testosterone hormone, any injury in the penile organ or if the one has undergone surgery of the spine region than he is also on the risk to suffer from issues of infertility.

Factors that lead to infertility in women are Progesterone, LH & FSH deficit, blockage in fallopian tubes, abstinence of menstruation or irregular menstruation cycle, poor size of the ovum, lack of ovum and many such issues leads to the development of infertility in women. This results in women due to shattering of phases ovulation, fertilization, and implantation to the wall of the uterus on mating of the sperm of men and ova of women. Injection Pregnyl is that choice that suits both men and women and is equally effective in treating infertility in both the genders.

Pregnyl is an acclaimed brand for the generic HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin that functions vi improvising the development of ovum within women’s ovary and corrects the phase of ovulation by stimulating the discharge of eggs. Injection of Pregnyl is impeccable in bringing up the concentration of sperms in men moreover it corrects the hormonal balance of testosterone. In young age boys, Pregnyl injection facilitates the descend of testicles in the scrotal sac and prevents the child from adverse effects of Cryptorchidism.

Pregnyl Injection 10,000IU can be administered to a patient either from IM or from Sc route. For correction of Anovulation in women dosing need to given to women is one day subsequently following final day of menotropins whereas for management of condition of Hypogonadism in men dosing that can be given to a man is 4000IU Pregnyl through IM/thrice a week for up to 6-9 months succeeded by injection of dosing strength of 2000IU for about thrice/week to an additional time length of 3 months. For management of Prepubertal Cryptorchidism, a child should be given a Pregnyl injection of 4000IU IM/thrice a week continued for three weeks.

Caution that a patient under the therapy of Pregnyl Injection needs to follow includes shunning the use and abuse of alcohol. Avoid giving the injection to women that are pregnant and are breastfeeding their children. The prior gynecological examination is must for the women going for this treatment. Pregnyl injection can develop adverse effects such as rash, dryness in skin, pain & inflammation at the site of injection.

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