Evacuate Unwanted Surprise of Pregnancy Using MTP Kit

Evacuate Unwanted Surprise of Pregnancy Using MTP Kit

Unplanned pregnancy leaves a woman in the ocean full of high tides. Some emotions urge her to continue pregnancy whilst other drags her behind from taking pregnancy further and turn her mind towards the realistic life making her aware of her finances, career planning’s, education, health and many other factors that she had to look upon along with her pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing that happens to women but for some, it comes as a misery especially if it comes in an unplanned way as this comes as a difficult situation for the woman to decide the fate of this surprise pregnancy. Abortion is the scientific terminology for pregnancy termination before the completion of 9 weeks of gestation. In the US the ratio of women undergoing an abortion due to career struggle and financial issues.

Abortion, or pregnancy termination, is one of the choices that women may make to withstand the turbulent changes in the life of working woman. MTP Kit is that only choice which gives the woman the choice to plan the number of children, which she wants to have. This Kit has two active medications Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Pharmacology of MTP Kit:

MTP Kit has two medications of which one is Mifepristone that exhibits anti-progesterone effect and shuts down the supply of female pregnancy hormone in the body making it difficult for the baby to receive the essential nutrients and oxygen supply inside the fetus. Misoprostol on other is a chemical agent that induces a strong contractile motion inside the uterus and expels down the debris of fetus out the body of a woman in form of vaginal menstruation bleeding carrying major chunks of blood.

The dosing regimen of MTP Kit:

MTP Kit has total 5 medications in the pack, of which 1 is of Mifepristone 200mg and 4 pills of Misoprostol 200mcg each. Take the former medicine over an empty stomach with a glass full of water. Take two days gap and put all 4 pills of Misoprostol underneath your tongue and swallow the medicine contents with saliva. Later you can drink the water to gulp down the left traces of medication in the mouth or can put all 4 pills deep inside in your vagina. It’s necessary with MTP Kit to visit the clinic for an ultrasound to confirm that nothing is left within the uterine cavity.

Side effects associated to the usage of MTP kit medications include:

Nausea, diarrhea, headache, discomfort in the abdomen with intense pain, heavy menstrual flow, itching, cold feet, and fever.

Cautionary measures women using MTP Kit must take are as follows:

• Avoid the intake of alcohol, caffeine and grapefruit juice
• Avoid oily and difficult to digest food
• Remove the intravaginal device prior putting the Misoprostol pills inside the vaginal region
• Do not use these pills do evacuate out ectopic pregnancy

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