End An Unexpected Pregnancy Without Trouble By Abortion Pills

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What is medical abortion? What is its cost? Is it right for you?

There are several questions revolves in mind when you ask yourself about ending an unexpected pregnancy. If you get pregnant but not sure what you do next then looking for abortion is completely normal. The most important point is you need to be well educated and acknowledge about the Abortion pills.

As the name suggests, Abortion pills are meant to end an unplanned pregnancy of 7 to 9 weeks. Abortion with pills is also known as medicinal abortion and it is a safe and effective way for making an early abortion as it encloses two medicines namely Mifepristone and Misoprostol that are approved by world health organization as a best abortion method.

In fact, it can be used by millions of women all over the world as it can be performed by a woman by herself without any one’s help at home, in this way it maintains the privacy of pregnancy news and saves you from the awkwardness may happen due to leakage of pregnancy news. It does the abortion in the same way as miscarriage happens naturally, so medical abortion is also known as a natural way of ending an unplanned pregnancy.

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The question arises that there are so many Abortion pills available in the market so which medicine should trust and which not, so we are clearing this doubt also as you can choose any of listed medication as per your suitability and can make your abortion: Korlym, Mifegyne, Mifeprex, and RU486 contains Generic Mifepristone, Cytotec contains Generic Misoprostol, MTP Kit contains Generic Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

The pharmacological action of Mifepristone is to thinning the endometrium or uterus lining so that fetus gets detached from the uterus easily. It also stops the supply of progesterone hormone so that no nutrients supply gets reached to the fetus leading to fetal death. Lastly, there is bleeding and shedding of the uterus lining resulting in complete abortion. The other drug Misoprostol is to unstiffen the cervix by making strong contractions in the uterus so that dead fetus contents get expelled out of the body in the form of bleeding and clotting.

Abortion by yourself by following these steps:

  • Abortion by Cytotec: There are 12 pills of Misoprostol (each 200mcg) in total are present in one pack of Cytotec and it is taken by oral or vaginal route. In starting you need to take 4 pills of Misoprostol in a single dose than you need to rest for 4 hours. Afterward, take 4 more pills by the same route and again wait for 4 more hours. Thus take the remaining pills. After 48 hours, you can go for an ultrasound for getting sure about abortion.


  • Abortion by Mifegyne, Mifeprex, RU486, and Korlym: In this process, you need to take three pills of Mifepristone (each 200mcg) when you are an empty stomach by the oral route with a mammoth amount of water. Afterward, you need to go for an ultrasound after 48 hours for getting sure that nothing has left inside your vagina.


  • Abortion by MTP Kit: In this process take one Mifepristone pill (200mg) by mouth in an empty stomach with abundance of water. Let the 2 days passed on, and then there is need to take 4 Misoprostol pills by oral or vaginal route in one dose. At last wait for a 14th day and then undergo ultrasound so that there are no traces lefts inside your vaginal part.


Abortion pills may cause some or risky effects so it is better you know them: cramping, bleeding, tiredness, feebleness, nausea, pelvic pain, backache, heavy vaginal bleeding and vaginal uneasiness.  You can minimize these side effects by following these important measures such as if you are sensitive to any component present in abortion pills then you need not take it otherwise it may cause allergic effects. You need to take healthy diet as it may help your body to recover the losses happened inside your body.


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