Defeat Molestation and Protect Your Womb with RU486

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Abortion is one of the most performed medical procedures in the world. As per a survey report from World Health Organization (WHO) every year the statistics of women undergoing an abortion is raising high to 42 million. However, reasons for abortion varies from one woman to another for some its education, for some, it’s their career whereas for others it’s financial difficulties, family differences. Personal misunderstandings, long distance in their relationship, poor health of the women or certain genetic disorder, family planning and hereditary diseases are some of those reasons that restrict the couple from progressing to expand their family and stay single. Forceful incest, molestation, and violence at home are some unfolded rotten realities of the families that alleges women to opt for their good and their womb and this we called Abortion.

Countries that didn’t allow their women a legal right to abortion reports maximum number of the mortality rate of unintentionally and unwontedly pregnant women by pricking needles or cutting their intimate cavities with blades. Ingesting soap solutions orally, jumping from high floors or from stairs with intention to drop down pregnancy or abusing certain drugs, alcohol and taking some highly reactive chemicals in excess proves dreadful attempts for such women and these things need to be stopped with a trusted, tested, approved and legal method of abortion available to women.

This method is known as medical abortion and the medicine that can induce a natural abortion in the women is RU486 enclosing active ingredient name Mifepristone. Women those came to know about their unwanted pregnancy and are still under the age of 7th week of gestation can take up these pills and can safely conduct their abortion at home. Safely and secretly without signing any documents and falling in the hassle of any legal complications.

Active compound Mifepristone acts in women body by resisting the release of vital hormone from the body and protecting the nutrition to reach to body turning the tissues dead and winding up the pregnancy. Misoprostol on other softens the cervix and dilates the vaginal opening so that the fetal debris gets leaked out from the womb of the women in the natural way of vaginal bleeding.

The manner in which you can take up RU486:

Gulp all three dosing of Mifepristone 200mg with a sip of water. After taking medicine take rest in bed as this might create intense pain in your abdomen, induce heavy menstrual bleeding, nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, the rush of deep emotions, depression, and irritation in women as some of the side effects of taking RU486 dosing.

Cautionary indications a woman can take when she is on the medication of RU486 are as follows:

  • Dump heavy diets and alcohol
  • Avoid doing cigarette smoke and abusing hallucinating medicines
  • Do not use these pills if your pregnancy is ectopic that is outside the uterus


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