Combat With Annoying Condition Due To Depression Using Valdoxan

valdoxan 25mg tablets

Darker evenings, dark mornings, and chilly gray days in between mean winter is here and with the coolest season come to the winter blues. Unlike the normal feelings of sadness that pass relatively quickly, depression is a clinical illness in which negative emotions last for weeks or longer. Depression is one of the common mental illnesses, affected millions of folks or more throughout the world as per the various data. Individuals suffering from depression may feel hopelessness and fatigue, despair, problems sleeping and concentrating, and changes in appetite. Nowadays, depression becomes common among young individuals including teen boys and girls and the rate of depression in teen enhances fast. Symptoms like withdrawal from family and friends, drop in grades or school attendance, sudden sensitivity to criticism, risky behavior, such as unsafe sex and reckless driving, drinking alcohol or using illicit drugs, irrational or bizarre behavior etc. are the common a teen experiences. However, depression can be treated with the help of medicine called as Valdoxan.

Valdoxan is a prominent medicine that is highly recommended for the treatment of depression in adult patients. This medicine effectively controls symptoms that are allied with depression like deep sadness, sleep disturbance, loss of interest in favorite activities, anxiety, and change in weight. However, the use of this medicine successfully controls mood disturbances and makes the daily life better by removing all the obstructions. It is made up of generic Agomelatine as the main active constituent has a place in the category of medicine called as a melatonergic antidepressant. This medicine acts by imitating the action of melatonin so as to supplement the onset and reputation of sleep by creating an antidepressant effect. Furthermore, it also expands mood during the depression by enhancing noradrenaline and dopamine chemicals in the brain in to manage major depressive episodes.

The dosing regimen of Valdoxan: The normally advised dose of this medicine is 25 mg prepared as tablet dosage form so consume the medicine orally with the help of a full glass of water. Usually, a patient is advised to consume the medicine once in a day at bedtime during the night. You should always consume the medicine as suggested by the doctor as the dose of this medicine depends on the condition of the patient. You should always use medicine as suggested by the doctor and after two weeks of treatment, in case, your symptom does not enhance then your physician may augment the dose to two tablets a day.

Possible side effects: Some common unwanted effects may probably like dizziness, fatigue, nausea, difficulty in sleeping, back pain, excessive sweating, headache, constipation, or abdominal pain.

Defensive measures while using Valdoxan: The patient should consult the doctor if suffering from kidney, breathing, heart, liver, mental, blood pressure or bleeding disorder and do not use the medicine if you are allergic to any constituent in the medicine. After taking this medicine you should not perform tasks that need alertness including driving, operating machinery etc. do not consume tobacco products, alcohol, sedatives or any other products as these are not safe.

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