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RU 486 Abortion pill is best and confidential way for unwanted pregnancy.

RU 486 marketed, all round the world for its effective and successful pharmacological effect to terminate pregnancy, without going to hospital or insertion of any surgical devices in female reproductive tract. Presence of Mifepristone, an active ingredient in it,  exert its unique attributes to block the activity a natural hormone known as Progesterone,  that is […]

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mifeprex abortion pill

Mifeprex-Mifepristone is one of most efficient option for unwanted pregnancy.

Mifeprex is a tablet, which contains generic Mifepristone. This drug belongs to category of anti-progesterone hormone and used to abort the unwanted pregnancy. Progesterone hormone is a vital chemical for the proper development of fetus. If the amount of this hormone gets decreased in female’s body, then fetus will not grow. Mifeprex tablet blocks the […]

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mifeprex abortion pills

Mifeprex Abortion Pills – A protective and secure way for medical abortion

Mifeprex is a effective abortion pill, which contains Mifepristone as a core ingredient. It is intended for the termination of unwanted pregnancy.Generally, this tablet is prescribed when the pregnancy is not more than 9 weeks. Generic, Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone hormone tablet. It blocks the action of progesterone hormone in female’s womb. This hormone is […]

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RU486 abortion pill

Medical Abortion by abortion pill RU486.

A medical abortion is one that will end a pregnancy by taking abortion pills. This RU486 is a abortion pills which is used for the abortion of the unwanted  pregnancy.  It is one of the most effective and trusted medication all around the world. These pills is used if the woman wishes to finish the […]

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Birth Control Pills -Many brands -Choose wisely

“Nativity”!!! Everyone knows it’s, nothing but an account of birth a belonging of yours, having your blood and your signature in form of baby. What is contraception? All are very well informed that this is a measure to avoid getting pregnant or protection measure to avoid pregnancy. Do planning, go planned way and then go […]

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