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Take a simple step towards safe abortion with Abortion pills.

Abortion pills are most effective method to abort undesired pregnancy which contain two different types of tablets such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Both the tablets have different types of mechanism of actions but they give combined effect while abortion. Although, many types of chemicals are important for the proper development of fetus but progesterone hormone […]

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ru486 abortion pills

RU486 is an abortion pill for safe abortion for women.

RU486 is effectively used worldwide to terminate pregnancy in female who have came across with unprotected sexual intercourse. It contains key pharmaceutical ingredient Mifepristone. It  also prescribed as emergency abortion pills after sex but before ovulation. There are various ways of abortion that a women can choose such as surgical abortion and medical abortion. But women […]

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MTP kit

Worried about unwanted pregnancy ??

Sometimes Unwanted pregnancy is really a big trouble but now a days we have solution for it. Abortion is really not a easy decision to take but if it is betterment for both mother and child this step should be taken. we have many Abortion pills that can be taken for termination of unwanted pregnancy […]

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mtp kit

MTP Kit – A reliable option to induce medical abortion..

Abortion can psychologically influence each woman in a different way. A number of women account a sense of respite after undergoing an abortion. The reasons for relief may also vary from female to female. Emotional and mental effects subsequent to abortion are more ordinary than bodily adverse effects and can vary from mild regret to more serious problem […]

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