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Safe Abortion at Home? Yes, with RU486!!

A path-breaking result of years of research, RU486 is a highly popular and effective solution for the termination of an unplanned pregnancy. It successfully ends a pregnancy of up to 7 weeks (counted from the day one of the last menstrual cycle) and can be used by women above the age of 17 years. It […]

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Abortion Pills- Best Solution of Your Undesired Pregnancy!!

Coping with an unplanned pregnancy is difficult and scary sometimes when it happens due to many unwanted causes. Women feel hesitate to speak about it especially in the case of teenagers and unmarried females to avoid the situations of being judged, unfavorable family conditions, the prevalence of social stigma, or the unsupported nature of her […]

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Get Easy And Successful Abortion With MTP KIT

The decision of abortion drains a woman emotionally. A woman may feel ashamed and guilty during the initial stages of abortion. But over a period of time these feelings are replaced by relief as a woman realizes that she has taken a decision that is not only right for her but also for the infant. […]

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mtp kit

Do Not Stress Your Life with Unplanned Pregnancy, Use MTP kit

Abortion is a medical procedure to terminate the pregnancy and mostly that is unintended. Abortion is a reason of so many causes. Pregnant females who believe they are not able to nurture their baby in a socially balanced atmosphere then they sought for abortion. Economically deprived condition, career oriented targets, unplanned or accidental pregnancy, failure […]

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RU-486- A Trusted method for women to end her pregnancy

With medical abortion, women may no longer be restricted to looking for care from a specialty abortion hospital with the possibility of persecution by anti-abortion activists. If the figure and kind of providers enlarge, it might be feasible for many additional women to go to private practice doctors to have medical abortions. The hike in […]

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Execute hassle Medical abortion with MTP KIT

Most common types of abortion procedure are the use of abortion pills, suction/vacuum aspiration, and Dilation and curettage method. A pregnant female is eligible for abortion if she is more than 18 years of age with the pregnancy of 9 weeks or 63 days and not more than that. Medical abortion with the help of […]

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