Abortion Pills, For the Women Who Want To Execute a Medical Abortion

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Katie was 19, out with her boyfriend. They were to spend the evening together and as it turned out she was there in his arms, under a bridge. It had started to rain; all the romanticisation of rain they had seen in movies and it did embark a spark in the two youngsters. They kissed and kissed again, her boyfriend went hard and he could feel it under his pants when he hugged her. It was growing intense, her boyfriend called someone and arranged for a place, they hailed a cab and went out.

They were in haste, the feeling had taken control of them, they were madly kissing each other and touching each other at places, her boyfriend grabbed her behind and pulled her close to him, he took off her top and so on; they were lying, slouching on bed, naked. Her boyfriend had dipped his mouth in her upper curves and playing his fingers and she was moaning holding his hairs. All of a sudden she got up and asked her boyfriend about condom, he did not have it, she asked him to go buy it, but it was raining and he refused anyway, he said nothing will happen and she said she doesn’t want to, she was scared and his lips met mine, he said he will never let anything happen to her and he would be by her side always.

Well, he did not, she had got pregnant and he didn’t do a thing about it, he just neglected her, there was guilt in his eyes but what purpose would that serve? Katie was 19, alone and now pregnant, she knew what she had to do, she was unhappy about it but she knew she would not be able to handle it, so she aborted.

Abortion pills have two FDA approved formulations namely, Mifepristone & Misoprostol. These pills widely used and are preferred over other methods of abortion as they have various advantages to them; these pills are safer, effective, and successful to 98%, affordable, convenient, tool free and lesser painful way of abortion. The most accepted brand that contains both the drugs is MTP Kit, famous brands for Mifepristone alone is Mifeprex, Mifegyne & RU486, well-known brand for Misoprostol alone is Cytotec.

Mifepristone facilitates abortion by inhibiting Progesterone, the inhibition of this enzyme leads to foetal cell death as it is needed for the sustenance and development of foetal cells. The blockade leads to cut or no supply of essential nutrients, oxygen and blood to the foetal cells which later becomes the cause of the necrosis of the tissues of the foetus.

Misoprostol conducts abortion by inducing a forceful contraction in the uterus which detaches the connection of the foetal cells from the mother’s womb. This drug also makes the cervix soft and widens up the opening so that the cells are bled out in form of clots.

MTP Kit comes in a pack of 5 pills, out of which one is Mifepristone 200mg pill and four are Misoprostol 200mcg pills. Initiate the therapy by ingesting the Mifepristone pill orally, preferably on an empty stomach and with water. After a gap of two days, insert all four Misoprostol pills vaginally. Visit your nearby clinic after 14 days to confirm that uterus is clear of all the contents.

There are 3 Mifepristone (200 mg) pills in the brands contains Mifepristone individually. Take all three pills together, orally with water and preferably on an empty stomach. After a wait for two days, go to the clinic for the ultra-scan.

Misoprostol alone brand (Cytotec) has 12 pills each of strength 200mcg. These pills are to be divided in a set of four and taken in three batches, each evenly spaced at three hours gap. These pills either can be inserted vaginally or taken orally. Take 2 days and visit clinic for getting an ultra-scan.

Some side effects of this therapy are vaginal bleeding, sore throat, back stiffness, chills, fever, nausea and shivering in legs.

Preventive measures to be taken with Abortion Pills:

• These pills should not be used for the termination of ectopic pregnancy, the brands containing one drug are to use for a 7 week old pregnancy and the combination brand is to be used for a 9 week old pregnancy.
• Do not involve yourself in physically demanding tasks, take proper diet and rest to recover faster.
• Do not indulge in sensual activities till you are completely recovered as that can lead to infections.

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