Abortion Is Wonderful Experience With MTP Kit


Undergoing abortion is a woman own decision for terminating the unwanted fetal tissues growth that is developing inside the women uterus. From the human beings only woman has the blessing to procreate her generation, therefore, it should be her decision to when give birth to a baby and when not under conditions such as forceful incest, rape or serious fetal anomaly.

Amie, 27, student of a doctorate was in a relationship with her beau from past 6 months and on request of him, they had recently been out for the night in a beautiful villa outside the town. The scenic beauty of the place was commendable and the romance that night has blossomed. Whoa! Amie is depressed because she has just confirmed her pregnancy by a home method taking a pee on the detection kit.

As the duration from which they are together is so short and both are still the students, therefore it’s not at all secure time to look for the pregnancy else the best one can do in such condition in the medical abortion. They both mutually discussed the thing and looked for the logistic solution for the condition of unwanted pregnancy, which came to them in form of MTP Kit. Soon she did the abortion her beau stopped calling and meeting her and their relationship ended. Abortion gives Amie another chance to focus on her studies and career!

Know the mechanism of pills of MTP Kit:

MTP kit is the best option available to a woman to evacuate the unwanted fetal tissues out her uterus via natural process of menstrual bleeding. Mifepristone is the anti-progesterone medicine, which soon after its intake protects the release of hormone essential for the development and continuation of pregnancy. Later results in necrosis of fetal tissues in deprivation of oxygen, nutrients and blood supply. Misoprostol is another medicine that the pack of MTP Kit has and the one who function as strong contractile movement inducer. Softening of cervical opening and the dilation of the same further facilitates the menstruation in women.

Know how to take pills of MTP Kit:

MTP kit has two different pills of which one unit is of Mifepristone and other 4 units are of Misoprostol. Patient has to take up the former on an empty stomach. After 2 days, you have to either insert all 4 pills deep inside the vaginal cavity or have to put the pills underneath your tongue. What is most important is an ultrasound after getting an abortion done to confirm that no fetal debris is left inside the uterine cavity.


Know the side effects associated with MTP Kit:

Usage of MTP kit might produce some side effects that are like dizziness, drowsiness, diarrhea, dry throat, myalgia, chills, heavy vaginal bleeding with abdomen pain and headache.

Know the cautions you can take with MTP Kit:

  • Avoid junk foods, junkies and alcohol boozing
  • Avoid medications that cause hallucination
  • Avoid any workout and take rest
  • Take the IUD out of vaginal region and then insert the pill inside the vaginal cavity

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